Exploring Trends in Wood Flooring Installation

Wood flooring near Phoenix has always been a popular flooring choice, no matter the style of the house or interior décor. However, there are many wood flooring trends that have become even more popular. Adventurous homeowners may like a puzzle piece floor, but others may prefer the classic look of red oak floors. No matter the preference, there are several wood flooring choices to consider. Read on for a brief look at some wood flooring trends. reclaimed - wood

Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors are one of the most beautiful flooring choices, especially for homeowners who desire a more exotic feel. It is one of the hardest woods used in flooring, which makes it durable and long-lasting. It also ages very well, compared to other hardwoods. Brazilian cherry will darken to a deeper red-brown color the older it is and the longer it is exposed to sunlight.

Wood Puzzle Pieces

Made from white oak, a recent flooring trend takes a new spin on the typical plank installation. Instead of traditional wood plank flooring, this flooring design creates interlocking puzzle pieces to create an interesting wood floor. This upcoming trend also comes with several stain choices and patterns to create a homeowner’s custom look.

Red Oak

Red and white oak are some of the most popular wood flooring choices. Either choice creates beautiful, light colors that can match most interior decors. Red oak is especially popular because it carries red tones, which create an interesting color dynamic and grain patterns. Oak is also a hardy wood that will stand up to daily wear and tear with minimal maintenance.

Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood has become a popular flooring trend, especially for homeowners concerned with their environmental impact. Reclaimed wood typically comes from older houses or buildings, and it can be a beautiful addition for any type of décor. Reclaimed wood floors come in a variety of hardwood species and stains. Speak with a qualified flooring company to determine if a reclaimed wood floor is the best choice.

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