Get the Modern Rustic Look with Wood Accent Walls

While you may know all about the design benefits that come with installing new hardwood flooring in your home, you may be surprised to learn that you can also install hardwood along your walls. A flooring contractor serving Phoenix will be able to help you select hardwood materials that will make the perfect accent for the walls throughout your home. Let’s explore how wood floors and engineered hardwood can be used to provide beautiful accents throughout every area of your home. rustic - wood

Living Room Walls

Wood accent walls are very popular for living room spaces. When you choose to install wood paneling along your living room walls, you will create a cozy and rustic atmosphere that your family and friends are sure to find very inviting. If you already have hardwood floors in your living room, you can accentuate your flooring by choosing wooden wall materials that are crafted from a different type of hardwood. Light wood accent walls, for example, look great when they are paired with dark wood floors.

Bedroom Walls

Your bedroom is a great place to install wood accent walls. Instead of splurging on an expensive bedframe and headboard, you can provide your bedroom with the appearance of a luxurious and large headboard by installing wood accents on the wall behind your bed. To further emphasize the design scheme in your bedroom, you can decorate your wood accent walls with mirrors, artistic lights, or your favorite pieces of artwork.

Kitchen Walls

Wood accent walls also have a place in your kitchen space. You may want to consider using wooden paneling as a backsplash behind your kitchen countertops. A wood accent wall can also help distinguish your eat-in kitchen from the rest of your kitchen space. With its excellent durability, wood is a terrific paneling choice for your kitchen. With services from your wood flooring contractor, you can create the wood accent walls that you have always wanted.

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