• Choosing a Color of Flooring

    Ready to install a high-quality hardwood floor in your Phoenix home? You can start by choosing the right color of hardwood flooring to fit your home’s style and décor. This can be challenging for homeowners who have never installed flooring before, but there are some easy tips you can follow to make sure you get a great match.

  • Busting Myths About Hardwood Floors

    Have you been putting off a hardwood flooring installation project in your Phoenix area home? Homeowners have a lot of misconceptions about the costs, maintenance, and work associated with upgrading to hardwood flooring. Let’s bust three of the biggest myths about hardwood flooring so you can get started on your search for long-lasting, beautiful hardwood floors.

    The most common myth about hardwood flooring is that it is not affordable

    Myth 1: Hardwood Flooring is Unaffordable

    The initial cost of hardwood floor installation is one of the first big barriers homeowners typically run into. However, comparing the long-term cost of hardwood flooring compared to other options shows it’s a worthwhile choice. While most flooring options have a fairly limited lifespan, hardwood floors are known to last hundreds of years when properly maintained and regularly refinished. This means that your hardwood floor might be the last flooring material you’ll ever have to install in your home!

    Myth 2: Hardwood is Delicate and Difficult to Maintain

    Contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as a “maintenance-free” flooring option. And when you compare hardwood to other flooring materials, responsible maintenance is actually pretty similar. Regular vacuuming and dust-mopping is virtually all that’s required for daily maintenance. Refinishing your wood floor regularly will keep the finish shiny and scratch-free so your wood floors will look like new forever!

    Myth 3: Engineered Hardwood is a Poor Substitute for Hardwood

    For homeowners not ready to invest in solid hardwood, engineered hardwood floors are actually a great compromise. Not only are engineered hardwood floors made of real wood, but they also provide a significant home value boost at a much lower cost. Engineered hardwoods are also made with real wood veneer, which means that the grain pattern you’re seeing on an engineered hardwood floor is real. This means that the overall quality, durability, and aesthetic value you get from an engineered hardwood floor is significantly better than what you may get from a cheap vinyl or laminate flooring option.

  • Spotlight on Owner Jason Elquest

    Blackhawk Flooring has a reputation of being one of the top hardwood flooring installation services in Phoenix, but this did not happen by accident. Our founder, Jason Elquest , has been a respected member of the business and flooring installation communities in the valley for years, and brings a knack for leadership, quality control, and flooring expertise to our company.

    Mr. Elquest is a recognized NWFA regional instructor and is looked at regionally and nationally as a model for leadership in the wood flooring industry. He strives to improve Blackhawk Flooring—as well as the industry as a whole—through regular participation in industry lectures and conferences, continuing education opportunities, and by playing an active role in the daily operations at Blackhawk Flooring.

    Mr. Elquest’s leadership is the primary driver behind the work you’ll see from Blackhawk Flooring’s installation, refinishing, and repair work. Call us today at (480) 648-0512 to learn about putting the Blackhawk Flooring team’s expertise to work in your next flooring project.

    Hardwood Blackhawk Flooring

  • The Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

    Choosing the right kind of flooring for your home can be difficult with the wide range of options that are available. But there’s a reason why solid hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options for flooring upgrades or installations. Here’s a look at why going with hardwood flooring in Phoenix homes is a worthwhile investment.

    Learn The Benefits of Hardwood Floors

    Long-Lasting Durability

    First, consider the longevity of the flooring options you’re considering. While tile, laminates, and vinyl flooring options may initially seem like more durable options, they are not likely to maintain their beauty and character as long as high-quality, professionally installed hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are capable of withstanding decades of heavy foot traffic, and with proper maintenance can be resistant to staining, scratching, and other types of damage.

    Boosting the Value of Your Home

    In a competitive housing market, no floor installation or upgrade will provide you with as high of a return on investment than a solid hardwood floor. That’s because hardwood is viewed as a high-end flooring upgrade in homes of all styles and sizes. So whether you’re planning on staying in your home long-term or looking for a quick flip, hardwood floor installation can pay off in a big way.

    Timeless Beauty and Style

    The appreciation of hardwood flooring in homes isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, hardwood has consistently been a top flooring option in homes for decades, which means that it’s likely to stay in style for years to come regardless of other housing trends. In addition, hardwood floors develop character overtime as your home ages, and regular hardwood refinishing will only enhance that beauty.

    Improved Indoor Air Quality

    Hardwood floor installation can also be a huge health boost for homeowners with carpet. Carpet is known for retaining allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and dust, which can reduce your home’s indoor air quality. A high-quality hardwood floor will reduce the concentration of these allergens in your home, which can lead to improved indoor air quality and health.