• A Look at Species Used in Hardwood Flooring

    If you are hoping to create a classic look in your home, you may be interested in installing hardwood flooring near Phoenix. Hardwood floors are a popular choice. That’s because these options are stylish, elegant, classic, and hardwearing. There are a number of different wood species to choose from when selecting your hardwood floor . Here are a few of the more popular options.


    Red and White Oak

    There are two main varieties of oak wood: white and red. White oak heartwood is pale brown and may have a slightly pinkish, silvery, or greyish tone. The sapwood comes in a narrow range of shades, between white and cream. The grain may display pronounced whorls, burls, and knots. There are over 200 different types of red oak. Red oak tends to be slightly softer than white oak. Red oak has a pronounced, compact grain pattern. It is a light reddish color.


    Heartwood from southern yellow pines ranges in hue from light yellow to brownish yellow, sometimes with orange notes. Its sapwood is usually a shade in the range between a very pale yellow and a pale beige or tan. This type of wood is usually harvested from several species native to the southern United States. Pinewood often has a very distinctive grain pattern, featuring knots and swirls. Heart pine is a term used to refer to wood which has been reclaimed from older buildings. Its color and appearance varies according to its age and to the type of wood used.


    Brazilian teak is one of the toughest and most durable types of hardwood available. It is light to medium brown in color and sometimes has a yellowish tint. Teak can feel waxy or oily to the touch. True teak is a different type of wood. Native to some parts of South and Central America, true teak is one of the softer hardwoods. It has a golden brown hue and a matte sheen.

  • Installation Services from Blackhawk Floors

    In addition to selling wood floors in Phoenix, Blackhawk Floors is pleased to offer our customers comprehensive installation services . When you invest in our hardwood flooring and installation, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful home.

    Blackhawk Floors takes pride in our wide selection of hardwood floors. Unlike other flooring stores, we do even more than just sell our customers the highest quality in wood flooring. When you purchase a hardwood floor, you also have the option of having our experienced craftsmen install the floor for you. Our team of professionals have undergone extensive training with the National Wood Flooring Association. When our craftsmen install your wood flooring, you can depend on the results. They are all required to have completed courses in floor installation, refinishing, recoating, and inlays. That means they have the expertise necessary to professionally install your engineered wood or wooden flooring. Whether you purchase your wood floors from us or elsewhere, our team can professionally install it for you. Hardwood floors are an important investment. To protect your floors, make sure they are installed correctly. Contact us to learn more about our custom installation process.


  • The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

    Over time, your hardwood floor may become damaged or worn or lose its sheen. In cases of extensive wear and tear, you may wish to have your floor resanded. This can restore the smooth surface of your floor and give it a beautiful sheen. Resanding a floor using a traditional sander can release a huge amount of dust. The dust can block air ducts, damage your furniture, exacerbate allergies or breathing difficulties, and present a major health and safety hazard. Here at Blackhawk Floors, Inc., we offer a safer method of hardwood floor refinishing in Phoenix .

    Our Bona Atomic Dust Containment System helps keep the air free from dust particles while sanding. This hardwood floor refinishing protects you from breathing in harmful dust. It also keeps your furniture, drapes, walls, and baseboards free from dirt and dust. The dust containment system allows us to resurface your hardwood floors without any potential damage to your home or health.

    Blackhawk Floors offers a safe and systematic process of hardwood floor refinishing in Phoenix

  • Birch Flooring

    When it comes to wood flooring near Phoenix , birch hardwood floors are one of the most popular options. Watch this video to learn more about your options for birch flooring.

    Birch wood floors come in many different colors and finishes. Birch floors come from the yellow birch tree. One of the things that makes birch floors so prized in any flooring showroom is the color variation. This hardwood comes in everything from light sapwood to the darker reddish color prized in kitchen flooring. One of the most common finishes for birch wood flooring today is an oil finish that emphasizes the red undertones and adds a beautiful gold tone.

  • Different Types of Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood floors can be an excellent choice for your home or business property. Wooden floors provide a classic look. They are attractive, appealing, and durable. There are many different types of wood available, in a range of colors, to suit your budget, décor choice, and aesthetic preferences. If you are interested in installing hardwood floors near Phoenix , there are a few different options you should consider.

    Types of hardwood floors pictures

    Unfinished or Factory Finished Wood Flooring

    All wood floors require a protective top coat to prevent water damage, protect against wear and tear, and to extend the lifespan of your flooring. There are two main options to choose from: unfinished flooring and factory finished flooring. With unfinished flooring, the flooring company will install the flooring without a finish. The workers will sand the floor and apply the top coat onsite. This allows you to choose the precise color and finish you prefer. Choose unfinished flooring if you wish to customize the wood finish to match or complement your existing décor scheme. Factory finished flooring has already been coated. This is a more economical and less time-consuming option. Once you have installed the floor, you can begin to use it right away.

    Solid or Engineered Wood Flooring

    Solid wood flooring is flooring made from a solid piece of wood. The wood used can range in thickness from3/4” to 5/16”. The solid wood can be sanded and refinished as needed. Engineered wood flooring uses wood veneers. The layers of veneer are positioned such that the wood grain runs in alternating directions in each layer. This makes the finished product more stable and durable. The way the wood is engineered is designed to protect it against warping, by preventing it from expanding and contracting in response to changes in temperature and moisture levels. It is sometimes possible to sand and refinish engineered wood. Both solid and engineered wood flooring can be installed above or on grade. Engineered wood flooring can also be installed below grade.