• Questions to Ask When Choosing Wood Flooring

    Wood floors are a favorite among homeowners for their beautiful appearance and luxury style. Are you getting ready to install hardwood flooring near Phoenix ? If so, then read on to learn what questions you should ask during the selection process. Simplify the process of selecting the ideal hardwood flooring for your home with these tips

    Where do you plan to install wood flooring?

    Hardwood floors can be durable and lasting, but they aren’t ideal for every location in your home. For example, if you’re thinking about furnishing a basement or adding wood floors to some other room that is below ground level, then you will probably be advised to consider engineered wood or other flooring options. The reason for this is that the high levels of moisture that can be present in parts of the home that are below grade can damage hardwood.

    What type of subflooring do you have?

    Once you know where the wood is going, the next step is to determine what material you’ll be installing it over. The most common types of subflooring are plywood, particle board, and concrete. If you have concrete, then you will probably have to go with engineered wood floor installation rather than hardwood, unless you choose to install something like plywood over the concrete.

    What is your family’s lifestyle like?

    When choosing hardwood, you’ll find that different wood species have a specific Janka rating, which describes the level of hardness of the wood. If there are just a couple of adults in your household, you live a quiet lifestyle, and you have no dogs whose claws could scratch the floorboards, then you can probably go with a softer wood that has a relatively low Janka rating. However, if you often host parties and have a busy household with pets and children, then a harder wood is a safer bet.

    What is the style of your home?

    Before going ahead and selecting your new wood flooring, consider the style of your interiors. First, ensure that the wood you choose pairs well with any cabinetry and furniture that you have, and then select a species that complements your interior design theme.

  • Is It Possible to Repair Hardwood Floor Damage?

    While hardwood is tough and durable, accidents can happen that leave your wood flooring with scratches or dents. Have your wood floors in Phoenix suffered damage? If so, then the good news is that you might be able to have your hardwood flooring repaired .

    It’s not uncommon for homeowners to assume that any damage to their hardwood floors is permanent. Luckily, many types of damage can be repaired if you find a qualified and experienced repair crew. Using the right tools, these professionals can buff out scratches, fix small dings and dents, and replace and refinish any severely damaged planks to restore your wood flooring.

    For these reasons, you shouldn’t hesitate to look into flooring repair if your home’s hardwood is showing indications of age and wear. Eliminating unsightly signs of damage like gouges, scratches, and dents can improve the overall appearance of your interiors and keep your floors looking like new.

    Blackhawk Floors can repair seriously damaged hardwood floors

  • Top Reasons to Choose Vinyl Plank Wood Floors

    With the range of types and styles available when it comes to flooring, making a decision can be a challenge. If you’re planning new floor installation in Phoenix, then there are several reasons why you should consider using vinyl plank wood floors for this home improvement project. vinyl - plank - wood

    You love wood floors.

    If you’re like most people, then you appreciate the way in which hardwood flooring can make a space feel warm, inviting, and elegant. If you love wood floors but want a material that is more suited to your lifestyle and budget, then vinyl plank wood floors could provide you with a solution. This flooring choice is available in options that closely mimic a broad variety of hardwood species, allowing you to enjoy the look of wood floors in your home but with all the benefits of vinyl.

    You want plenty of options.

    Vinyl itself comes in a broad range of styles and varieties, and you’ll find that there is no shortage of choices when considering your options for vinyl plank wood floors. Vinyl can be used to create unique patterns and layouts, and you’ll be able to give your floors the look of natural hardwood in a style that complements your interior design.

    You need durable flooring.

    Experts consider vinyl to be an incredibly durable material because, when properly installed and maintained, it can last for a decade or 2. The durability of a vinyl tile variety depends on the material it’s made of and the manufacturing process that was used, with top quality options having higher prices. One of the best features of vinyl plank wood floors is that if one section gets damaged, it can be easily replaced.

    You have a budget.

    With every home improvement project comes a budget that you must work within. For this reason, many people find vinyl to be an excellent flooring choice. Vinyl plank wood floors come in a broad range of prices that can accommodate many budgets.

  • Wood Flooring Color Options Made Easy

    Hardwood flooring offers you an excellent way to improve the look of your interiors and increase the value of your home. If you’re struggling to decide on a color for your new wood floors in Phoenix , then watch this video for some helpful tips.

    When choosing wood flooring, it’s important to ensure that the variety you select matches your overall interior design. To do this, start by considering one of the large architectural features in your home, such as your kitchen cabinets or fireplace mantle, and pick a hardwood color that matches their appearance. Finally, keep in mind that some woods vary in color consistency more than others and that the finish you select can have a significant impact on the wood’s color.