• Answering Your Questions About Wood Floor Installation

    Before your wood floor installation in Phoenix, there are some important details to know, such as the installation time and installer’s qualifications. Knowing these details can save you from receiving badly-installed hardwood flooring, and it can assure you of the skills of the installers you allow into your home. Take a look at these common questions, and their answers, to ask about your future wood floor installation . FAQ about wood floor installation

    What is the best hardwood floor for my home?

    This question should be one of the first you ask when you arrive at your flooring store or showroom. After you have provided specific details about your home and everyday conditions in your home—such as foot traffic and humidity levels—your flooring installer can recommend the best hardwood. Other details should include the colors and décor scheme of your home; this information will help your installer choose the right hardwood, stain colors, and grain patterns to match.

    Are the installers qualified to install my flooring?

    Before working with any flooring store, you should research their qualifications, licenses, and insurances. Once you meet with a designer or installer, ask for physical copies and references for these details. Your installers should be trained and experienced enough to install new flooring in your home without damage or unprofessional attitudes.

    How long will the installation process take?

    This is a crucial piece of information because it may affect your home’s function and lifestyle for a period of time, whether that be for a few hours or a few weeks. Ask your flooring store the typical installation time needed for a project of your size. This may be an estimate, but it can help you plan appointments or where to place animals prior to the installation date.

    Can my hardwood floors be purchased elsewhere?

    Though flooring stores encourage their customers to purchase hardwood floors with them, some stores will install hardwood that has been purchased elsewhere. By installing already-purchased hardwood floors, installers can ensure that the installation was done correctly, and their customers can receive the best quality job possible.

  • Choosing the Right Flooring When You Have Pets

    When you have pets and you wish to update your flooring, you may think your options are limited. However, recent flooring advancements can give you the style of hardwood floors without the fear of pet claws and bathroom accidents ruining it. Engineered hardwood in Phoenix has become a sought-after addition for homes filled with children and pets because it is scratch-resistant and incredibly durable. Watch the short video for a closer look at engineered hardwood.

    Engineered hardwood comes in the same plank style as natural hardwood floors, and it is often colored and designed with natural-looking grain patterns and wood colors. These floors are made from a vinyl material that is durable, scratch-resistant, and may even be warmer to walk on compared to other flooring options. If you have been looking for new flooring that will support your pets, then ask your flooring company about engineered wood flooring.

  • Using Natural Penetrating Oils for Wood Floors [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Wood floors can make a great addition to any home, adding beauty, elegance, and a classic feel to your space. No matter what sort of décor you favor in your home, chances are wood floors will work well with it. Once you decide to get wood floors in Phoenix , you’ll have to choose which finish you prefer. Wax finishes look good, but take a lot of effort to maintain. Polyurethane finishes are easy to clean, but can have a dated, shiny look, and may have a harmful effect on the environment. That’s why more homeowners are choosing natural penetrating oil finishes, which provide a soft, matte look for hardwood floors. Natural penetrating oil finishes make repairs easy, as boards can be replaced with a minimum of time and effort. Check out this infographic to learn more about natural penetrating oil finishes for wood floors. Please share with your friends and family.

    Natural penetrating oil finishes for wood floors provide a soft, matte look