Choosing the Right Flooring When You Have Pets

Choose Right Flooring For your Pets

When you have pets and you wish to update your flooring, you may think your options are limited. However, recent flooring advancements can give you the style of hardwood floors without the fear of pet claws and bathroom accidents ruining it. Engineered hardwood in Phoenix has become a sought-after addition for homes filled with children and pets because it is scratch-resistant and incredibly durable. Watch the short video for a closer look at engineered hardwood.

Engineered hardwood comes in the same plank style as natural hardwood floors, and it is often colored and designed with natural-looking grain patterns and wood colors. These floors are made from a vinyl material that is durable, scratch-resistant, and may even be warmer to walk on compared to other flooring options. If you have been looking for new flooring that will support your pets, then ask your flooring company about engineered wood flooring.

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