Using Natural Penetrating Oils for Wood Floors [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wood floors can make a great addition to any home, adding beauty, elegance, and a classic feel to your space. No matter what sort of décor you favor in your home, chances are wood floors will work well with it. Once you decide to get wood floors in Phoenix , you’ll have to choose which finish you prefer. Wax finishes look good, but take a lot of effort to maintain. Polyurethane finishes are easy to clean, but can have a dated, shiny look, and may have a harmful effect on the environment. That’s why more homeowners are choosing natural penetrating oil finishes, which provide a soft, matte look for hardwood floors. Natural penetrating oil finishes make repairs easy, as boards can be replaced with a minimum of time and effort. Check out this infographic to learn more about natural penetrating oil finishes for wood floors. Please share with your friends and family.

Natural penetrating oil finishes for wood floors provide a soft, matte look

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