Is It Time to Recoat Your Wood Floors?

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Recoating your wood floors in Phoenix protects your floors in between sanding sessions. It is a great way to preserve wood flooring so that the color, shine, and condition lasts for several years. How do you know when to recoat your wood floors though? Here are a few indications that it may be time to recoat your hardwood:

  • If your wood floors appear dull or on the verge of losing their shine and luster, then call your flooring contractor to recoat them. With a recoating session, your floors will look shiny and brand-new again.
  • If you recently moved into a new home and you are unsure of the true look and condition of the wood floors, then consider recoating them. Your flooring contractor can examine the floors while also protecting them with a new coat.
  • If your wood floors have gone without recoating or maintenance for over three years, then you may need a new coat. By recoating every three years or so, you will extend the life and look of your new floors.

 Recoat a floor

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