• Is Cork Flooring Right for Your Home?

    If you have considered updating your wood floors, then consider installing cork flooring in Phoenix. With cork flooring, you will have a more comfortable floor for your feet and back. You will also experience a quieter home, and you will not have to conduct daily maintenance. Cork flooring is an exceptional flooring choice for any house, so continue reading to determine if it is the right wood floor alternative for your home. Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

    You prefer eco-friendly products.

    Cork is considered a very eco-friendly flooring choice. Cork flooring is made from the bark of cork trees. While stripping tree bark can be hazardous for some species, cork trees can regenerate their bark for continual harvesting. Many cork floors are actually made from old wine stoppers or the remnants left over from the manufacturing process. Cork flooring is one of the best choices if you prefer using eco-friendly products.

    You like comfortable temperatures.

    If you find yourself wearing socks or slippers—because your feet get cold—then cork flooring is perfect for your home. Cork floors stay at a warmer temperature than traditional wood floors or tile, making your flooring feel better under your feet. Cork also has a natural buoyancy to it, which makes it more comfortable to walk and stand on.

    You have a busy household.

    Unlike certain hardwood floors, cork has the unique ability to mask and fill in small dents and scratches. If your home is busy with children, pets, and guests constantly moving in and out, then cork floors will stand up better than most flooring choices.

    You want a quieter house.

    There is a reason that many sound studios employ cork walls. Cork has a rare ability to dampen loud sounds. If you find that your busy household is also noisy, then cork wood floors are the right choice for you. If you have a dedicated music room, then you may also prefer cork flooring to mute the loud music from the rest of the house.

  • What Causes Squeaky Flooring?

    Sometimes wood floors can emit a squeaking sound when stepped upon. This is a normal sign of older floors, but it can quickly become annoying. Squeaking wood floors can be repaired , however, with the help of a qualified flooring contractor serving Phoenix. Watch the video to learn more about what causes a squeaky wood floor and how to repair it.

    As wood floors age and settle, the hardwood often contracts and expands. This movement can affect how the nails stay in the planks. When stepping on a wood floor, the plank may be rubbing against a loose nail. With the help of a certified flooring contractor, however, this squeaking can be fixed. Speak with a local contractor to determine the best way to stop squeaky wood floors.

  • The Advantages of Visiting a Wood Floor Showroom

    Any type of home improvement showroom is a great way to view potential products—like wood floors or appliances—and consider how they might look in your home. If you visit a flooring showroom in Phoenix, you can see the entire variety of wood floor choices available to you, and you can speak directly with knowledgeable staff. These are just a couple advantages to visiting your local flooring showroom . Continue reading to see more. Visiting a wood floor showroom offers a better idea of the available range of flooring options

    See Your Choices

    The main reason to visit a flooring showroom is to see the many choices available to you. Looking at pictures online or viewing a small sample in a store will not give you the full range of choices your flooring contractor carries. By visiting a wood floor showroom, you can see the different colors of each hardwood specie, different stains, and examples of engineered hardwood. A showroom will also carry other flooring samples, such as cork and vinyl. Seeing all of the choices in person can give you a better idea of what will look good in your home.

    Ask Your Questions

    When you visit a wood floor showroom, you will have access to knowledgeable and friendly staff. If you have questions or concerns about hardwood floors, then the staff can answer them in a clear and understandable manner. Staff can also help you decide which species, colors, and grain patterns would look best in your home. If you already have wood flooring, then staff can also answer your questions about ongoing care and maintenance. By having a real staff member in front of you to answer questions, your floor installation process will be more enjoyable and smooth.

    Schedule Your Services

    Visiting your wood floor showroom will also give you better access to schedule different services. If you need to schedule your wood floor installation, then you have direct access to the staff and flooring contractors. You will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for your installation. You can also schedule repair and cleaning services at your wood floor showroom.

  • Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Flooring

    After installing your new wood flooring near Phoenix, it is crucial to maintain your investment. Whether you choose engineered hardwood or solid hardwood , there are different tips to ensure your new floors will last for several years and look great the entire time. Continue reading and watch the short, “Angie’s List” video for some essential maintenance tips for wood floors.

    • Use a dust mop or clean broom to remove dust and dirt at least once a week. This will reduce minute scratches and defects that can occur on your wood floors.
    • Install ultraviolet-resistant window coverings to reduce the amount of sunlight on your floors. Hardwood can fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    • Consult your flooring contractor about the best cleaning products to use on your wooden flooring. This will ensure that the floors look great and maintain their strength throughout their lifetime.