• A Look at the Benefits of Professional Hardwood Deep Cleaning

    When you have hardwood floors in Phoenix, daily cleaning can keep them looking great in the short term, but over the years, dirt and debris can build up and make your floors look dull. Fortunately, professional hardwood deep cleaning can revive your floors and make them look like new.

    Professional hardwood cleaning removes the dirt and debris that ends up deep within your wood floors that you can’t clean away with your usual cleaning routine. During this day-long process, a team of wood flooring professionals will strip away the contaminants that are affecting the appearance of your floors to restore their shine. Cleaning is done with non-toxic, water-based products, so they are safe for your family as well as your wood flooring. Having periodic professional hardwood deep cleaning services will extend the life of your flooring and ensure it looks its best for many years to come.

    Professional hardwood deep cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

  • How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors


    How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

    Wood floors in Phoenix bring a sense of aesthetic appeal to your home that other kinds of flooring cannot, but this comes at the cost of additional maintenance requirements. For your hardwood floor to keep its appeal, you need to keep it in shape. Watch this video and find out how to clean your hardwood floors.

    You need to help your hardwood floors retain their cosmetic flair, but doing so is easy enough. Start by sweeping your floors daily, using an angled broom so dirt and debris don’t scratch up the wood. Use a small hand broom to sweep the pile into a dustpan. Pay extra attention to corners when you mop, as this is where buildup tends to occur. Dry mop your floor with a shine mop to make sure you’ve gotten all the lingering dirt and give your hardwood a nice shine.