• Increase Your Peace and Quiet with Cork Flooring

    Everybody deserves to enjoy their rest and relaxation when they come home from a long day of work, and many people need peace and quiet in order to do so. If it’s time for a new floor installation and you’d like a flooring material that can help you stay in your happy place, consider cork flooring in Phoenix. Unlike hardwood flooring, cork flooring is extremely quiet. Keep reading to see how you can increase your peace and quiet when you go with cork flooring.

    Cork is a unique material in that much of its composition is made of air. This means that it has natural noise reduction properties, which can make it the perfect choice when it comes to enjoying a quiet home. Cork flooring comes in tiles and planks, and it can be used in just about any room in the house. Every step that you take on your cork planks or tiles will be muted, and even a coffee mug falling from your hand to the floor will be all but silent on impact. The soft and comfortable texture of the cork will also contribute to your peace, and you can expect each step you take to be quiet.

    Unlike hardwood flooring, cork flooring has natural noise reduction properties

  • Top Reasons to Refinish Your Floors

    Do you benefit from having hardwood flooring in Phoenix? If so, then this feature of your home probably adds a rich appearance along with an inviting warmth. However, if it’s been a while since you had your wood floors installed, then they may no longer boast the sheen and beauty that they once did. Continue reading to learn some of the top reasons for refinishing your hardwood floors . Reasons to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

    To Save on Costs

    When their wood floors suffer from wear and damage, it’s common for homeowners to think about flooring replacement. If this sounds like you, then you have a great reason to consider having your flooring refinished. Your local flooring repair company can sand away many dings, gouges, and scratches, as well as even out areas where there is heavy wear. Then, your floors can be cleaned and refinished so that they look new without the significant cost of replacement.

    To Lengthen Their Lifespan

    When your home benefits from hardwood floors, keeping them in good condition and making them last is ideal. However, many people don’t realize that a simple way to keep their floors looking great and functioning well is through refinishing. Refinishing your wood floors can drastically extend their lifespan, allowing you to enjoy their beauty and other benefits for a longer period and without having to pay for floor replacement.

    To Boost Their Appearance

    When you come home and wake up to the same floors every day, it can be difficult to realize how dramatically wear and damage has affected their appearance. However, you can bet that guests in your home are likely to notice any scratches, dents, or dull areas that may mar your hardwood floors. Take a critical look at your flooring. If the wood has lost its sheen and appears old and worn-down, then it’s time to consider refinishing. Refinishing your floors can leave them looking like new and dramatically improve the overall look of your interiors, making this service a smart investment in your home.

  • Who Is Installing Your Flooring?

    If you’re preparing for wood floor installation near Phoenix, then picking the right team for the job can mean the difference between a successful project and one that leaves you regretting your choice of installer. Watch this video to learn what to look for in a hardwood floor installation service .

    It’s important to know who it is that will be coming into your home, as well as what credentials they have. The reason for this is that without quality installation, even the highest quality wood floors will not appear its best. Consider whether the team that will be installing your wood flooring is employed by the retailer, has proof of previous work, and is properly insured and bonded.

  • Common Questions About Engineered Wood Floors

    Are you thinking of installing solid hardwood floors in Phoenix, but find that many options exceed your budget? If so, then consider selecting a variety of engineered wood flooring, instead. The following are answers to common questions about engineered wood floors . Engineered wood flooring is the best alternative to solid hardwood

    What is engineered wood?

    Engineered wood flooring is created using layers of wood, while traditional hardwood floors are made from a solid plank of wood. The layers, which can be made of hardwood or plywood, are glued and pressed together. Then, a hardwood veneer is used as the top layer and is the visible part of the flooring. These floors are made with stability in mind and can be good options for spaces where heat or humidity make solid hardwood a poor choice.

    What are the benefits of engineered wood floors?

    One reason why many people consider engineered wood floors is that they can be substantially less expensive than solid hardwood. This type of flooring is also more resistant to low and high humidity levels, making it more versatile in its application. Engineered wood floors can be installed in more areas than solid hardwood and over a wider range of subflooring types, and they are also available in nearly any wood species. Finally, because they can be more resistant to scratches from pet nails, these floors can be a good alternative to solid hardwood for families with pets.

    What is a wear layer?

    The wear layer is the top part of the plank, which can be sanded and then refinished to renew the floor’s appearance. However, you can only sand so much when it comes to engineered wood flooring. For this reason, you should take the thickness of the wear layer into consideration when selecting your new flooring, as this amount can vary greatly between options.

    Is engineered wood a good alternative to solid hardwood?

    Available in a broad range of sizes, styles, finishes, and wood species, engineered wood flooring offers plenty of options that many people find indistinguishable from traditional hardwood.

  • Light vs. Dark Floors: Visit Our Showroom to Make Your Decision

    Color is a key factor that you will need to consider when you are shopping for new wood floors in Phoenix. In order to make sure that you have the widest possible selection of hardwood flooring for your home, be sure to visit the Blackhawk Floors showroom in Phoenix. When you visit our flooring showroom , you will be able to view our light and dark hardwood options in person. If you are struggling to decide between a few different colors, we can also provide you with samples to take back to your home.

    When you hire Blackhawk Floors to install your wood flooring, you can rest assured that we will assist you with every aspect of your installation. Our team of flooring designers will be happy to suggest which hardwood flooring colors may pair best with your interior design scheme. Once you have decided between light and dark floors, you will be ready to begin the installation process.

    Choose the best light and dark hardwood flooring at our Phoenix showroom

  • Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Flooring

    After installing your new wood flooring near Phoenix, it is crucial to maintain your investment. Whether you choose engineered hardwood or solid hardwood , there are different tips to ensure your new floors will last for several years and look great the entire time. Continue reading and watch the short, “Angie’s List” video for some essential maintenance tips for wood floors.

    • Use a dust mop or clean broom to remove dust and dirt at least once a week. This will reduce minute scratches and defects that can occur on your wood floors.
    • Install ultraviolet-resistant window coverings to reduce the amount of sunlight on your floors. Hardwood can fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    • Consult your flooring contractor about the best cleaning products to use on your wooden flooring. This will ensure that the floors look great and maintain their strength throughout their lifetime.

  • Top Reasons to Choose Vinyl Plank Wood Floors

    With the range of types and styles available when it comes to flooring, making a decision can be a challenge. If you’re planning new floor installation in Phoenix, then there are several reasons why you should consider using vinyl plank wood floors for this home improvement project. vinyl - plank - wood

    You love wood floors.

    If you’re like most people, then you appreciate the way in which hardwood flooring can make a space feel warm, inviting, and elegant. If you love wood floors but want a material that is more suited to your lifestyle and budget, then vinyl plank wood floors could provide you with a solution. This flooring choice is available in options that closely mimic a broad variety of hardwood species, allowing you to enjoy the look of wood floors in your home but with all the benefits of vinyl.

    You want plenty of options.

    Vinyl itself comes in a broad range of styles and varieties, and you’ll find that there is no shortage of choices when considering your options for vinyl plank wood floors. Vinyl can be used to create unique patterns and layouts, and you’ll be able to give your floors the look of natural hardwood in a style that complements your interior design.

    You need durable flooring.

    Experts consider vinyl to be an incredibly durable material because, when properly installed and maintained, it can last for a decade or 2. The durability of a vinyl tile variety depends on the material it’s made of and the manufacturing process that was used, with top quality options having higher prices. One of the best features of vinyl plank wood floors is that if one section gets damaged, it can be easily replaced.

    You have a budget.

    With every home improvement project comes a budget that you must work within. For this reason, many people find vinyl to be an excellent flooring choice. Vinyl plank wood floors come in a broad range of prices that can accommodate many budgets.

  • Tips for Choosing the Right Color for Your Wood Flooring

    Just like the trees they come from, wood flooring comes in a diverse selection of colors . On top of these natural colors, you can stain and paint your wood floors however you choose. With so many choices available, finding the right color of your wood flooring may seem overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a few simple tips to help you decide on the right flooring color for your home. Guide To Wood Flooring Installation

    Tip #1: Install light colors in small rooms.

    You may love the look of dark hardwood flooring, but beware of placing it in a small room. The darker you decorate a room, then the smaller it will look. To keep your small rooms looking open and wide, use a light color of wood for your floors, such as a beige or off-white hardwood. Decorate the rest of the space in light colors that will reflect as much natural light as possible. To create a cohesive design, consider installing this same color of hardwood in all of your bedrooms.

    Tip #2: Use dark colors for versatile décor.

    If you plan on switching your décor or color scheme over the years, then you may want to install a dark-colored hardwood in your main areas, like the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Even though both dark and light colors will match most color schemes, you will have better luck finding complementary colors to match your darker hardwood. Dark hardwood floors also bring a sense of class and sophistication to any home. If you prefer a more natural look, then stain the hardwood a light brown color that will create a rustic feeling wherever you choose to install it.

    Tip #3: Consider the maintenance requirements.

    Both light and dark colors of hardwood will accumulate scratches and dings over the years. However, daily maintenance requirements may differ depending on the color you choose. Light and white hardwood colors tend to show less dust and dirt, but the dirt is still accumulating. Light colors may show scuffs more easily, but depending on the lightness of your dark hardwood, you may see the same number of scuffs.

  • A Look at Different Hardwood Flooring Species

    Installing wood floors is an exciting time in every homeowner’s life. With so many wood flooring choices, homeowners have their pick of colors, finishes, grain patterns, and so much more when they go to their flooring stores in Phoenix. hardwood - floor - types


    Ash wood floors can come in a variety of colors ranging from a light tan to a darker brown. It has very distinct graining, which makes it a highly sought-after for wood flooring. It also has a standard level of hardness as a hardwood floor.


    Bamboo floors are considered a great hardwood for the environmentally-conscious homeowner. The bamboo plant grows so quickly that it is an easily renewable source of wood. Floors can come in a yellowish tone to a tan-brown with unique patterns that show the bamboo stalks. Hardness can vary depending on when the bamboo was harvested. Make sure your flooring store works with only reputable bamboo dealers.


    If you want a light, creamy color or a reddish brown, then maple is the hardwood to choose. The graining can be barely noticeable, at times, but when it is, maple may have curly patterns or what is called “birdseye.” This is so named because maple can have tiny marks that look like small eyes.


    Oak comes in many different species, though typically red and white oak are common choices for hardwood floors. Red oak is a little softer than white, but it is considered one of the most popular wood floor choices on the market. Whichever oak flooring is chosen, it will most likely have hints of red or pink tones.


    Cherry is one of the softest hardwoods available, but it is often picked due to its beautiful reddish brown color. Each plank may have different variations in color, which is another popular reason homeowners choose for flooring. They like the unique look cherry offers.


    Many homeowners love walnut wood floors due it its dark brown coloring. There are many species of walnut, though they all range from a medium to dark, chocolate-colored brown.

  • Spotlight on Kitchen Flooring

    Your kitchen flooring should be durable and resistant to stains and scratches. If you are shopping for a functional flooring surface that will also provide your kitchen with beauty and elegance, you may want to consider choosing wood floors for your kitchen space. There are many advantages to shopping for wood floors at a flooring showroom in Phoenix. When you visit your local flooring showroom, a team of flooring contractors will be able to answer all of your questions about which types of hardwoods will be the best fit for your kitchen. Additionally, you can also explore the properties of solid hardwood floors. After you have found the right flooring material for your needs, you can hire a team of flooring installation professionals to complete the job.

    Kitchen flooring should be elegant yet be resistant to stains and scratches