• Comparing Engineered and Vinyl Plank Wood Flooring

    When it’s time to choose new flooring for your home, there are plenty of options to consider. It’s hard to beat genuine hardwood flooring because of its aesthetic appeal, longevity, and home resale value. But if you’re interested in keeping the cost down, you can still get the look of real wood with either engineered hardwood floors or vinyl plank flooring. Talk to a flooring contractor about your preferences. Engineered hardwood floors or vinyl plank flooring is cheaper and gives the look of real wood

    Materials and Construction

    The first notable differences between engineered hardwood floors and vinyl planks are their composition. Engineered wood is manufactured in layers. High-quality plywood usually comprises the core, with a layer of real wood veneer on top. Because the plank isn’t completely hardwood, it’s less of an investment than 100% real hardwood floors. Vinyl plank floors are manufactured from colored PVC chips. The manufacturer can create planks of varying thicknesses, colors, and patterns. Vinyl floors have come a long way over the years. Luxury vinyl is thicker, looks genuine, and even sports a texture that can mimic the feel of real wood.

    Beauty and Versatility

    Engineered wood and vinyl planks are comparable in terms of aesthetic appeal. Visit a flooring showroom to see which material you prefer. You can find either material in varying shades from light to dark. Their versatility is similar, as well. However, because engineered planks do contain some real hardwood, they are susceptible to the effects of humidity and temperature fluctuations, just like solid hardwood. Vinyl planks, on the other hand, are completely resistant to moisture, and will not expand and contract with temperature changes. This makes them an ideal choice for renovating bathrooms and kitchens, and for finishing basements.

    Softness and Hardness

    Thanks to the top layer of real wood, engineered planks will have a similar hardness and resistance as solid hardwood. Vinyl planks are slightly softer and bouncier. This isn’t a significant difference—you probably wouldn’t notice it if you walk on a vinyl floor for just a few minutes. But if you’re spending all day chasing after your kids, your feet will appreciate the slight “give” of vinyl planks.

  • Increase Your Peace and Quiet with Cork Flooring

    Everybody deserves to enjoy their rest and relaxation when they come home from a long day of work, and many people need peace and quiet in order to do so. If it’s time for a new floor installation and you’d like a flooring material that can help you stay in your happy place, consider cork flooring in Phoenix. Unlike hardwood flooring, cork flooring is extremely quiet. Keep reading to see how you can increase your peace and quiet when you go with cork flooring.

    Cork is a unique material in that much of its composition is made of air. This means that it has natural noise reduction properties, which can make it the perfect choice when it comes to enjoying a quiet home. Cork flooring comes in tiles and planks, and it can be used in just about any room in the house. Every step that you take on your cork planks or tiles will be muted, and even a coffee mug falling from your hand to the floor will be all but silent on impact. The soft and comfortable texture of the cork will also contribute to your peace, and you can expect each step you take to be quiet.

    Unlike hardwood flooring, cork flooring has natural noise reduction properties

  • Stomp Out These Myths About Engineered Wood Flooring

    You can’t believe everything you hear, which is why you should do some research and separate fact from fiction. Many myths surround engineered hardwood flooring near Phoenix, but myths aren’t necessarily factual. If you’re considering this type of flooring for your home , you should find out what’s true and what isn’t before you decide. You might have heard that it doesn’t look convincing, has minimal applications, or sacrifices durability for affordability. Continue reading and stomp out these myths about engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is durable, versatile and resists humidity

    Myth: Engineered wood flooring looks fake.

    Engineered hardwood floors are not the same as solid hardwood floors, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not made of real wood. The difference between engineered and solid hardwood is that solid hardwood flooring is real natural wood all the way through. Engineered hardwood is a convenient alternative that uses a natural hardwood veneer on top of a different type of wooden core. This means that the uppermost layer of the floor—which is what you will see—will be made of the hardwood of your choice. Since you will see natural hardwood whether the flooring is solid or a veneer, it will not look fake either way.

    Myth: You can’t use it everywhere.

    There are certain spaces that lend themselves to engineered wood, but this type of flooring can be installed anywhere you want. Engineered hardwood may be more appropriate for certain situations than many of its alternatives. This flooring option resists humidity, and it remains stable when the seasons change. This type of flooring is an incredibly versatile choice, and it can be installed either above grade or below.

    Myth: It’s not durable.

    While it’s true that engineered hardwood flooring is the affordable option, that doesn’t mean it sacrifices durability. Wooden floors are designed to last for a substantial amount of time, which is one of the primary reasons people go for this kind of material. You can also finish and refinish your floors, which can help them last for several decades. With the right maintenance, you can enjoy your investment for a generation or more.

  • Top Reasons to Refinish Your Floors

    Do you benefit from having hardwood flooring in Phoenix? If so, then this feature of your home probably adds a rich appearance along with an inviting warmth. However, if it’s been a while since you had your wood floors installed, then they may no longer boast the sheen and beauty that they once did. Continue reading to learn some of the top reasons for refinishing your hardwood floors . Reasons to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

    To Save on Costs

    When their wood floors suffer from wear and damage, it’s common for homeowners to think about flooring replacement. If this sounds like you, then you have a great reason to consider having your flooring refinished. Your local flooring repair company can sand away many dings, gouges, and scratches, as well as even out areas where there is heavy wear. Then, your floors can be cleaned and refinished so that they look new without the significant cost of replacement.

    To Lengthen Their Lifespan

    When your home benefits from hardwood floors, keeping them in good condition and making them last is ideal. However, many people don’t realize that a simple way to keep their floors looking great and functioning well is through refinishing. Refinishing your wood floors can drastically extend their lifespan, allowing you to enjoy their beauty and other benefits for a longer period and without having to pay for floor replacement.

    To Boost Their Appearance

    When you come home and wake up to the same floors every day, it can be difficult to realize how dramatically wear and damage has affected their appearance. However, you can bet that guests in your home are likely to notice any scratches, dents, or dull areas that may mar your hardwood floors. Take a critical look at your flooring. If the wood has lost its sheen and appears old and worn-down, then it’s time to consider refinishing. Refinishing your floors can leave them looking like new and dramatically improve the overall look of your interiors, making this service a smart investment in your home.

  • A Homeowner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Wood Flooring Installation

    If you are getting ready to add new wood floors to your home, it is important to learn all about what you can expect from your floor installation. A flooring contractor that specializes in installing wood floors will perform the procedure in several distinct steps. After your contractor has installed your wood floors in Phoenix , you’ll get to enjoy the durability and elegance of your new flooring. To help you get ready for your upcoming installation, here is a look at the main steps of installing new wood floors. Guide To Wood Flooring Installation

    Preparation of the Area

    Before your wood floors can be installed, the installation area must be properly prepared. First, you will work with your contractor to carefully remove any furnishings and other items that could get in the way of the installation process. Your contractor may also need to prepare the floors themselves by placing a sturdy subfloor material. With the subfloor in place, the actual wood floor panels can be installed.

    Installation and Sanding

    Your contractor will carefully lay all of your hardwood planks in the proper position. Depending on the type of hardwood floors you’ve chosen, they may come prefinished or they may need to be finished on site. If your contractor needs to finish your floors on site, he may create a bit of dust during the sanding process. A sand containment system will protect your home and furnishings from any debris that enters your indoor air.

    Application of Finishing Materials

    The final appearance of your hardwood floors will depend on the materials your contractors use during the finishing process. Certain finishes can provide hardwood flooring with a soft, light appearance, while others offer a rich, dark color. Once the finish has been applied, your contractor will provide you with detailed information about how to care for your hardwood floors. It may be necessary to wait a couple of days before you start to move furniture back into the room.

  • What Causes Squeaky Flooring?

    Sometimes wood floors can emit a squeaking sound when stepped upon. This is a normal sign of older floors, but it can quickly become annoying. Squeaking wood floors can be repaired , however, with the help of a qualified flooring contractor serving Phoenix. Watch the video to learn more about what causes a squeaky wood floor and how to repair it.

    As wood floors age and settle, the hardwood often contracts and expands. This movement can affect how the nails stay in the planks. When stepping on a wood floor, the plank may be rubbing against a loose nail. With the help of a certified flooring contractor, however, this squeaking can be fixed. Speak with a local contractor to determine the best way to stop squeaky wood floors.

  • The Advantages of Visiting a Wood Floor Showroom

    Any type of home improvement showroom is a great way to view potential products—like wood floors or appliances—and consider how they might look in your home. If you visit a flooring showroom in Phoenix, you can see the entire variety of wood floor choices available to you, and you can speak directly with knowledgeable staff. These are just a couple advantages to visiting your local flooring showroom . Continue reading to see more. Visiting a wood floor showroom offers a better idea of the available range of flooring options

    See Your Choices

    The main reason to visit a flooring showroom is to see the many choices available to you. Looking at pictures online or viewing a small sample in a store will not give you the full range of choices your flooring contractor carries. By visiting a wood floor showroom, you can see the different colors of each hardwood specie, different stains, and examples of engineered hardwood. A showroom will also carry other flooring samples, such as cork and vinyl. Seeing all of the choices in person can give you a better idea of what will look good in your home.

    Ask Your Questions

    When you visit a wood floor showroom, you will have access to knowledgeable and friendly staff. If you have questions or concerns about hardwood floors, then the staff can answer them in a clear and understandable manner. Staff can also help you decide which species, colors, and grain patterns would look best in your home. If you already have wood flooring, then staff can also answer your questions about ongoing care and maintenance. By having a real staff member in front of you to answer questions, your floor installation process will be more enjoyable and smooth.

    Schedule Your Services

    Visiting your wood floor showroom will also give you better access to schedule different services. If you need to schedule your wood floor installation, then you have direct access to the staff and flooring contractors. You will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for your installation. You can also schedule repair and cleaning services at your wood floor showroom.

  • Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Flooring

    After installing your new wood flooring near Phoenix, it is crucial to maintain your investment. Whether you choose engineered hardwood or solid hardwood , there are different tips to ensure your new floors will last for several years and look great the entire time. Continue reading and watch the short, “Angie’s List” video for some essential maintenance tips for wood floors.

    • Use a dust mop or clean broom to remove dust and dirt at least once a week. This will reduce minute scratches and defects that can occur on your wood floors.
    • Install ultraviolet-resistant window coverings to reduce the amount of sunlight on your floors. Hardwood can fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    • Consult your flooring contractor about the best cleaning products to use on your wooden flooring. This will ensure that the floors look great and maintain their strength throughout their lifetime.

  • Is It Time to Recoat Your Wood Floors?

    Recoating your wood floors in Phoenix protects your floors in between sanding sessions. It is a great way to preserve wood flooring so that the color, shine, and condition lasts for several years. How do you know when to recoat your wood floors though? Here are a few indications that it may be time to recoat your hardwood:

    • If your wood floors appear dull or on the verge of losing their shine and luster, then call your flooring contractor to recoat them. With a recoating session, your floors will look shiny and brand-new again.
    • If you recently moved into a new home and you are unsure of the true look and condition of the wood floors, then consider recoating them. Your flooring contractor can examine the floors while also protecting them with a new coat.
    • If your wood floors have gone without recoating or maintenance for over three years, then you may need a new coat. By recoating every three years or so, you will extend the life and look of your new floors.

     Recoat a floor

  • Choosing the Right Flooring When You Have Pets

    When you have pets and you wish to update your flooring, you may think your options are limited. However, recent flooring advancements can give you the style of hardwood floors without the fear of pet claws and bathroom accidents ruining it. Engineered hardwood in Phoenix has become a sought-after addition for homes filled with children and pets because it is scratch-resistant and incredibly durable. Watch the short video for a closer look at engineered hardwood.

    Engineered hardwood comes in the same plank style as natural hardwood floors, and it is often colored and designed with natural-looking grain patterns and wood colors. These floors are made from a vinyl material that is durable, scratch-resistant, and may even be warmer to walk on compared to other flooring options. If you have been looking for new flooring that will support your pets, then ask your flooring company about engineered wood flooring.