Blackhawk Floors Answers Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ Floor Refinishing FAQ

You Ask, We Answer – Floor Refinishing Tidbits to Know

Blackhawk Floors offers quality floor refinishing to Phoenix, AZ homeowners. You deserve to love every inch of your home from floor to ceiling. At Blackhawk Floors, it is our mission to deliver flooring you will love for years to come. The beauty of wood flooring lies in its durability. A quality wood floor can last your home decades of foot traffic, but that doesn’t mean it is immune to everyday wear and tear. When you still love the hardwood floor you once installed, but you admit it has seen better days, choose Blackhawk Floors refinishing service. Opting for floor refinishing rather than replacement can save you time and money. Enjoy the beauty of a floor that shines like new without paying the new floor price. Read on to learn more about our floor refinishing specialty.

What Flooring Options Do You Offer?

Our Blackhawk Floors team specializes in hardwood floor refinishing, but we offer a variety of flooring options and services, which include:

  • Solid hardwood floors
  • Engineered floors
  • Cork floors
  • Vinyl plank wood flooring
  • Floor installation
  • Refinishing
  • Recoating
  • Repair
  • Deep clean

If you are looking to repair, recoat, or refinish your flooring, please contact one of our team members today. We can discuss the best preservation techniques for your flooring material. Whether you stomp around on solid hardwood or cork floors, Blackhawk Floors can find a solution for your Phoenix, AZ home.

What Sets Blackhawk Floors Apart?

Since 2002, Blackhawk Floors has served as the premier full-service hardwood flooring company of Phoenix, AZ. We offer superior workmanship and quality at competitive prices our customers love. Whether you are looking to have your floors refinished, or you’d like new ones installed, we can provide you with custom services tailored precisely to your home specifications. We do 100% of our own work, eliminating the need for subcontractors and allowing us to ensure quality at every step in your custom flooring service. Whatever your project calls for, we can supply top-of-the-line equipment and supplies to get the job done to the highest professional standard. If you need to refresh your trim or other accents when you schedule your hardwood floor refinishing, we can create custom moldings, transitions, treads, risers, curves, designs, and more.

Why Should I Refinish My Floors?

Refinishing your hardwood floors is a wonderful option for preserving the longevity and beauty of the original wood. Because the floors in your home are likely exposed to high amounts of walking and daily activities, they are bound to develop scratches, marks, and signs of wear and tear. Without spending the time and money that are required to replace flooring, you can give the floors in your home a facelift with Blackhawk Floors specialty hardwood floor refinishing. You can upgrade or alter the aesthetic of your home’s floors with buffing that will smooth out the imperfections and fresh new stain to make the floor color sing.

How Can I Preserve the Beauty of My Hardwood Floors?

Of course, if you are in the market to refinish your floors, you are likely interested in preserving the longevity of your new finish. Luckily, you can take care of your hardwood floors with a few simple steps. Consider implementing the following techniques to keep your floors looking their best:

  • Clean, clean, clean! Keeping your hardwood floors clean can help prevent small scratches and unwanted stains. You can avoid wearing down the finish by going over them often, immediately cleaning up spills, and limiting foot traffic in shoes.
  • Prevent scratches. Use furniture pads to avoid scratches, and trim or file the nails of any animals who will be walking around or playing on the floors.
  • Use rugs. Placing area rugs in the spaces that garner the most foot traffic can reduce scratching. You can also position rugs under furniture instead of using furniture pads to reduce the wear and tear.
  • Use light cleaners. Be sure to avoid oily, greasy cleaners that can leave harmful residue on your floors. Choose lighter cleaners that won’t damage the finish.

Should I Refinish or Replace My Floors?

Quality hardwood floors can last decades if properly cared for. If your floor is showing signs of wear and tear but remains structurally sound, you may want to opt for our specialty refinishing services. Refinishing your home’s original or antique wood floors can preserve a historical element of your home without sacrificing the value of beautiful flooring. Refinishing is quicker and more cost-effective than floor replacement. However, there are some instances when floors should be replaced rather than refinished. If your hardwood flooring shows signs of extreme movement between the boards, it is likely not fit for refinishing. In the same vein, if your floor has substantial structural issues, you may need to have it removed. After removal, the subfloor can be fixed before installing the replacement floor. This ensures the new floor isn’t subjected to the same structural issues.

Will Floor Refinishing Make My House Dusty?

The dust kicked up by traditional floor sanders can be messy and hazardous to your family’s health. We use the Bona Atomic Dust Containment System to eliminate airborne dust, instead of conventional refinishing tools. This ensures you won’t have to deal with decreased air quality after we’ve refinished your floors. Using this technology also eliminates the need to hang plastic, which means less waste for your hardwood refinishing project.

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