Hardwood Floor Recoating in Phoenix, AZ

Is the color of your floor’s finish beginning to fade? Do you want a change but don’t want to replace the entire floor? At Blackhawk Floors in Phoenix, AZ, one of the things we specialize in is hardwood floor recoating. This is the process of simply applying a new finish on top of the floor’s existing finish (not to be mistaken for refinishing, where the original finish is sanded off). Recoating hardwood floors is one of our many services . Our professional team is ready and able to help you with this project to rejuvenate the look and feel of your home.

Recoating Hardwood Floors in Phoenix

Recoating Benefits

As mentioned, floor recoating involves applying a new finish directly over the original finish. This is essentially like breathing life back into your flooring, without removing the original finish. Since there’s no sanding or buffing and just the application of a new finish, the cost is less than refinishing your floor . Plus, there’s none of the mess associated with the refinishing process.

Recoating is also great because it can reduce the appearance of scratches or make them altogether unnoticeable. It can revitalize a room’s atmosphere and provide a change with less hassle and cost than some of the other options.

Reasons to Recoat Your Hardwood Floors

There are any number of reasons why recoating your floor is a good idea. Recoating your floor revitalizes and extends your floor’s life span. It makes future cleaning and maintenance easier because you’re starting over with a smooth, scratch-free surface. Hardwood floor recoating refreshes the appearance of your floor and extends its life duration without needing to be replaced or refinished.

Beyond that, floor recoating is a great alternative to replacing your flooring whenever you redecorate your home. If the existing color of finish isn’t working with your room’s new look, recoating allows you to completely change it without the cost, time, and hassle of refinishing or replacing. Plus, if you’ve just moved into a new home and pulled out all the carpets to reveal hardwood floors only to find that they’re not as beautiful as you had hoped, hardwood floor recoating will make it look like new.

Another reason you may want to think about having your hardwood floors recoated, is to match replaced planks with the surrounding pieces. Sometimes when doing a wood floor repair , it can be hard to match new pieces exactly to the color of the original pieces, especially if the original finish was customized. Recoating is great for a seamless field of flooring beauty. Recoating a floor can also provide some new texture to a space, and if you recoat your floor in its original finish color, it can give it a deeper, newer appearance.

Why Choose Blackhawk Floors?

Blackhawk Floors is the expert when it comes to flooring products and services in Phoenix. No job is too small or too big for our team. Our commitment to total customer happiness and quality products makes us unbeatable in the industry.

We use Bona water-based finishes—the leader in the industry. The clear, high-build finishes won’t yellow or change color over time. Bona water-based finishes dry quickly, in one to three hours, and cure up to 90% within three days. They have no harmful fumes and low VOCs, producing beautiful floors without putting your health at risk. There’s no need to vacate the jobsite during refinishing.

Moving into a home with hardwood floors, or just tired of the way your floors look? Revive your hardwood floors with a one-day recoat process.

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