Wood Flooring Installation in Phoenix

The quality of your wood floor installation plays a key role in its overall look and longevity. Top-quality installation paves the way for a beautiful, problem-free floor that you know will stand up to everyday use. At Blackhawk Floors, Inc., finding the right flooring companies is as easy as visiting our flooring gallery in Scottsdale. Our services include wood flooring sales and wood floor installation, as well as flooring repair, refinishing, recoating and deep cleaning.

What Happens During Wood Flooring Installation

Wood floor installation typically takes one to two days, but the length of time required depends on the size of the project and the type of floor you are installing. Before installation begins, your flooring contractor will explain the process and provide tips to reduce installation time and any inconvenience during the project.

  • Before installation, any appliances and furniture should be removed from the area. If you have art or other breakable items mounted on the walls, it is best to remove these as well.
  • During installation, some dust and noise should be expected. If your flooring contractor will be sanding and finishing your floors in addition to installation, dust containment systems may be used.
  • After finishing, it’s best to stay off your wood floors until the finish has completely dried—your flooring contractor will let you know how long this should take, but check your floors thoroughly before moving furnishings and appliances back into the room.

Why Your Choice of Flooring Contractor Matters

Your choice of flooring contractor is an important part of wood flooring installation. Choosing the right flooring companies with experience and knowledge means enjoying a faster installation and hardwood floors that looks beautiful immediately after installation and well into the future.

  • A good contractor will install your wood floors correctly by taking into account factors such as humidity, expected use, and the quality and state of your subfloor. The right contractor will complete installation without cutting corners or using techniques that may fail in the future and require flooring repair.
  • Your flooring contractor should be respectful of your flooring ideas, time and your home. Not only will he take steps to protect your home from dust during the installation process, he will also work with you to minimize the disruption of your daily schedule and ensure your project is completed in a timely manner.

Blackhawk Floors, Inc., is the flooring store that’s pleased to offer professional hardwood floors in the Phoenix Metro and surrounding areas. Whether you buy wood flooring from us or would like to work with us to install hardwood floors you’ve purchased elsewhere, we will make sure your flooring installation is a smooth and stress-free experience.

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