Wood Flooring Showroom in Phoenix

Choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home isn’t something you should do over the phone or via a catalog on an internet site. Taking the time to assess your wood floor options in person means finding exactly the right wood floors for your needs and your home’s value and aesthetics. At Blackhawk Floors, Inc., our wood flooring gallery in Scottsdale is the perfect place to find your home’s new hardwood floors. When you visit our flooring store, you’ll find a wide selection of wood floor options, including hardwood, engineered wood, and reclaimed wood floor products.

How Your Flooring Showroom Can Help

The process of choosing new wood floors for your home shouldn’t be a stressful one. When you visit a wood flooring gallery, you’ll have access to the knowledgeable staff and flooring samples you need to make a choice you’ll love for years to come.

  • Visiting a flooring showroom allows you to see your wood flooring options in person. You can touch samples and view them in various light and against different colors or surfaces to better envision each option in your home. Taking samples home and viewing them in different areas of your home at different times of day will ensure you make the best wood floor selection.
  • Flooring showroom staff can answer all your questions about hardwood flooring on the spot; they can also bring up points you may not have considered, help you narrow your options, or provide design ideas and inspiration if you aren’t sure where to start.
  • Even after wood floor installation, your flooring showroom can continue to provide the help you need to maintain or repair your floors. Working with the staff that helped you choose and install your wood floor means they’ll know exactly how to clean or refinish your floors for better value and longevity.

Choosing Wood Flooring

With many options to choose from, selecting the right hardwood flooring comes down to the consideration of several factors. The color of the wood floors you choose will influence the feel of the room in which it is installed. Light-colored wood floors can make a small space feel larger or brighter, while promoting a more casual and modern atmosphere. Dark-colored wood flooring is often associated with spaces that are large, luxurious, and formal. Wood hardness plays an important role in the durability and look of your floors. If you have young children and pets or host social gatherings frequently, it may be better to choose a harder wood for your flooring; soft woods are better in areas that won’t be subjected to frequent or substantial wear.

The experienced staff at Blackhawk Floors, Inc. is here to help provide the floor installation for the right wood floors for your Scottsdale home. You can reach us by phone at (480) 595-9554, or visit our flooring store to learn more about our in-house wood mill shop.

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